Colleano, Bonar - Autographed postcard

Colleano, Bonar - Autographed postcard
Bonar Colleano (1924-1958)

Size: 3.5in x 5.5in / 9cm x 14cm
Autographed postcard

Signed: 'Thanks for the compliment Bonar'

The postcard image is from the 1946 film "A Matter of Life and Death" where he played an american pilot. An American-born British stage and film actor of the 40's & 50's

Colleano died at the age of 34, when he crashed his sports car in Birkenhead. Films include:

1948 Merry-Go-Round

1947 While the Sun Shines
Joe Mulvaney

1946 A Matter of Life and Death
An American Pilot (also as Bonor Colleano)

1946 A Voice in the Night
Cpl. Nick Mappolo

1945 The Way to the Stars
Joe Friselli (as Bonar Colleano Jnr)

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